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Aventura Girona offers workshops of educational ludic activities and adventure sports for primary and secondary schools.

Our main goal is to ensure that participants live an unforgettable experience, discovering and getting to know the natural environment in an active way and that they are themselves who all time, playing, touching and building on practice, interact with nature. They will also learn and apply techniques that can be useful in any situation of everyday life, but especially in the mountain, such as first aid, orientation in nature, to know how to use a compass ... among other concepts, ideas and experiences.

This knowledge will make them more autonomous and will make them more capable of learning to respect nature and make the best of it. They will learn that they can find the resources needed to overcome complex situations which maybe one day they can use when being in situations like these.

They will also learn how to:

• React calmly

• Have confidence in themselves

• Recognize and face unfamiliar situations and come out unscathed

• To work in a group

The activities can be performed within the school or ideally outdoors. At outdoor areas we usually work in the Pineda de Sant Gregori but it is possible to perform activities in a geographical area close to the school / high school. We can also propose you a combination of workshops and excursions suitable for your groups and needs.

Next, we add the details the workshops that form this activity consist on:

All activities last 4 hours, you have the possibility to combine among 4 workshops (all students participate in all workshops). It is ideal for performing during the synthesis credit although it is also adaptable to other formats. The price is 8 Euros per student. The price includes all the material needed to do the activity, a qualified guide (15 students), a photo report and an accident and civil liability insurance.

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