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What would be the activity that you would like to undertake to strengthen team work and friendship with your work colleagues?
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Team Building Girona Catalonia

Here at Adventure Girona we are backed by more than 11 years of experience in outdoor activities and we apply them to reinforce the bonds between co-workers, with the aim of seeking cohesion, evasion, fun and sociability away from their daily routine and environment.

With the activities that we organize for Team building, we allow participants to enjoy activities that aim to obtain better results in the work environment and in worker surroundings, which directly benefits their well-being and the results of the company.

This is normally done, within an activity tailored to the needs of the client (company) and in a specific time and place. These events are usually carried out in spaces far from the routine of everyday life, in a different environment, that allows the worker to free himself from tensions and thus interact in a different and more enjoyable way with their colleagues. Team building is very useful as a development tool within an organization, its objective is to improve communication within teams and promote leadership skills and joint work in solving problems.

The benefits of applying team building in the organization are many:

  • Improves the motivation of workers

  • Strengthens mutual trust between different team members

  • Increases self-knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of the person

  • Improves the work environment and team creativity

  • It allows for an analytical review of the possible corrections and improvements that can be carried out within the organization

  • Strengthens leadership and the ability to delegate responsibilities

  • Increases resistance to stress

  • Stimulates confidence and enhances the spirit of teamwork

  • Encourages communication and integration between the different departments and members of an organization

  • Improves the quick reaction to situations that involve pressure, changes or conflicts that may arise

In short, it is an instrument applicable to any type of company that wants to see improvements in the performance and general results of its organization. Whether it is to improve existing problems, or to increase the level of morale or simply to maintain it, it is an excellent instrument to enhance the personal and professional growth of employees.

Motivation, individual and group practical application of knowledge increase performance, improve cohesion and work organization. You will see improved team results straight after this activity has ended. Your company will then enjoy the increased productivity.

You can do water trekking, canyoning, via ferratas, orientation circuits with tests, coasteering, ... everything you want and wherever you want, and we will customize the activity to adapt it to your company and your workers needs.

The suggested rest time in between activities is 3 to 4 hours, depending on the season.

1-Between the months of June and September we recommend that you do water activities such as:

Coasteering: Discover the meaning of the word Costabrava. Equipped with a wetsuit and helmet, we will take a coastal tour, jumping, swimming, discovering and investigating a spectacular environment. This activity takes place in Platja de Sant Pol, the municipality of Sant Feliu de Guixols.

Canyoning: Equipped in this case with 2-piece 5mm wetsuits, harness and helmet, we will progress by repelling (descent with ropes), swimming, walking, whoever wants to jump (not mandatory). This is a very simple activity that does not require you being in great shape but that will allow you to enjoy a unique experience. This activity takes place in the town of Osor, 30 minutes away from Girona.

Water Trekking: The difference to canyoning is that in water trekking there are no waterfalls where rope are required to descend them. Very fun experience to do, without any difficulty. We carry out this activity in the Rio de la Muga in the municipality of Albanya in Alta Garrotxa.

2- Throughout the year. The activities that we can offer to you would are:

Orientation circuits with tests: The circuit will consist of different control points located on a map to which the groups of participants must pass. At each control point they will be required to carry out an activity / test and record it with a photo or video for later verification. Participants will be divided into small groups that can choose a representing group name and a representative who will be in charge of photographing / recording the results of each activity. We adapt to our client’s needs.

Vias ferratas: They are both horizontal and vertical routes equipped with different materials such as handrails, steps, chains and bridges, which allow you to safely reach hard accessible areas. We carry out this activity In the Pyrenees and around Costa Brava.

Hiking: Changing the day-to-day work environment for wonderful landscapes, walking among wildlife and nature, changing the white of the walls for yellow, green, brown ... hiking, an ideal activity for Team Building

We are open and we provide our knowledge and material to carry out activities (without haste and with many photos) and without any technical difficulty of hiking depending on the participant's concerns

All the multi-activities that Adventure Girona offers are covered by an accident insurance as well as by the civil liability scheme, as required by the regulations in force that regulate Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (Decree 56/2003).
Complete information on the coverage and conditions of the insurance is available to clients at our offices.
Customers can request, if required, complaint forms from the company.

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